What Can A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

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This article is about answering your question: what can a 2000 watt generator run?

A 2000 Watt generator can run several appliances and devices of everyday use like microwaves, refrigerators, electric stoves, incandescent light bulbs, dishwashers, television, and even AC units! 

I always used to have a hard time picking out the appliances that my 2000 Watt Generator can support because back then, I lacked knowledge about generators and wattages. 

So, to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes as me, I have compiled all the basic and useful information for you in this blog post. 

Let me ask you a few questions first.

Do you know what start-up and running powers are? Can you calculate your power requisite? Not familiar with these terms and do not feel like experimenting too? Do not worry; I have got you covered! 

Because I will discuss these technical terms with you and suggest you some exceptional 2000 Watt generators to choose from too! (based on my personal opinion). So let’s dig in!

What Is The Difference Between Running And Starting Watts?

Before I dive into the article explaining what options you have to run on a 2000 Watt generator, I must clarify some important terms for you guys which will ultimately help you with the maths. 

When determining what appliance you can operate on a generator, you need to have knowledge of the power consumption of each product and whether your Generator will be able to support it or not. 

In this regard, we come across two terms, namely:

  • Starting or Maximum Power
  • Running or Rated Power

How do you differentiate between the two? Pretty easy! The starting power, also known as the maximum power, is the amount required by an appliance to kick start initially. You can call it the initial power boost until it starts running at a regular rate, requiring little power.

On the other hand, running power, also known as the rated power, is when the appliance starts running at a regular speed after the power boost and now requires a streamlined source of energy. 

You can also refer to it as the amount of energy the appliance will produce over an extended period. 

What Household Appliances A 2000 Watt Generator Can Support?

As stated earlier, before you decide what appliance to run on the Generator, you need to know the power consumption of each product. I compiled some everyday use products, along with the amount of energy they consume on average.

Following is the list of the regular appliances and their respective power consumption:

  • Ceiling fan – almost 70 watts
  • Light Source – almost 450 watts
  • Toaster – almost 800 watts
  • Microwave oven – almost 1000 watts
  • Dishwasher – almost 1400 watts
  • Television – almost 90 watts
  • Vacuum cleaner – almost 200 watts
  • Laptop – almost 50 watts
  • Washing machine – almost 1100 watts
  • Iron – almost 1200 watts
  • Pressure cooker – almost 650 watts 
  • Refrigerator – almost 500 watts
  • Freezer – almost 400 watts
  • Fryer – almost 900 watts
  • Electric mower – almost 1500 watts

You can more about the power consumption of household appliances here.

How To Calculate The Power Requisite?

Next, you should have knowledge about calculating the power requirements of these appliances – both starting and running watts. You can easily find this information in the product’s manual, and even if you do not, I have an easy formula for you to do the maths. 

Remember high school physics? 

Watts = Volts × Amps 

After you are done listing down the emergency appliances that you would like to run on your Generator along with their required power consumption, you simply need to add up all the values of the running watts.

After adding up all the running watts, add the starting watts of the product which has the highest number of these maximum watts and ta-da! You have the final amount of power required to operate those appliances.

Best 2000 Watt Generators 

This does not end here since I also compiled some top-notch and exceptional 2000 Watt generators to make the remaining process of selection easy peasy!

Listed below are my favorite generators:

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Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator 

Following are the prominent features of Honda’s 2200-Watt Generator.

Honda EU2200i is a portable device that makes it super convenient for you to carry it anywhere with you – be it camping or at home. The quiet operation means it would not sound crazy while operating since it runs at 48 to 57 dBA – quieter than normal conversation!

Supplemental power can be added whenever required as per your needs. Its Eco-Throttle system allows it to run on a single tank for quite a few hours hence great fuel efficiency is offered.

It also provides a fuel shutoff valve not to charge it to run without fuel supply thus preventing complications of stale fuel. Last but not least, its Inverter technology provides you an efficient and smooth operation.


  • Inverter technology. 
  • Eco-Throttle system – fuel efficiency.
  • User-friendly system of shutting off the fuel valve.
  • Quiet working without nuance.
  • Portable – easy to carry around to any place.


  • Lack of gas cut-off switch.

User Reviews

With a 4.8 rating, customers have been praising the portable inverter generator for its quiet operation as it were not even present there! 

The inverter technology is appreciated for ensuring smooth running as well as the eco throttle system for being fuel-efficient. 

User-friendly technology is always appreciated since it is designed according to people’s convenience and is applauded by all. So, if you are after something very easy to use, this one would be a perfect option for you. 

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YAMAHA EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator

Following are the prominent features of YAMAHA’s 2000 Watt Generator.

Its light and compact design enable you to conveniently carry it anywhere without any hassle. Since it does not make annoying noises while being operational, it works great as nuance-free and a peaceful companion.

This inverter generator provides you with top-quality power and exhibits Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which stabilizes voltage and frequency. Additionally, the new EF2000iSv2 allows the operation of a wide range of appliances than the previous version of the Generator, and the new programming incorporated in the controllers is another perk!

It adjusts the engine speed which is another factor why generators make loud sounds so no unwanted noise anymore, also, this boosts its fuel efficiency. 


  • Nuance-free operation.
  • New controllers with advanced programming.
  • Excellent voltage and frequency stability.
  • Compact, portable design.
  • Oil Watch Warning system.
  • Smart Throttle system.


  • No room for adjusting the motor mounts.

User Reviews

People have been all praises for YAMAHA’s portable inverter generator since it is of top quality inside out. The warranty and availability of replacement parts are other perks that the manufacturer offers. 

Nuance-free operation and the unique Oil Watch Warning system characterizes the excellence and reliability of the product. With the need for minor improvements, users have been vouching for the product!

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Champion 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Following are the prominent features of Champion’s dual-fuel Inverter generator.

Champion’s this generator comes with the dual fuel consumption option, which means you can operate it on either propane or gasoline. Since it’s super lightweight and compact, you can carry it conveniently wherever you go!

It promises clean power for your sensitive electronics with the supply of non-fluctuating electricity, which has less than 3 percent THD. You can also get your hands on the parallel kit that is sold separately as it would provide you with the facility of doubling the power output by connecting the inverter with another one.

Gasoline provides 2000 starting and 1600 running watts, whereas propane allows 1800 starting and 1440 running wattage. It also comes with a limited warranty of 3 years with technical support for a lifetime.


  • Noise-free, quiet operation.
  • Duel fuel facility.
  • Comes with a warranty and lifetime technical support.
  • Lightweight and compact, so travel-friendly!
  • Option to double the power output by getting the parallel kit separately.


  • Does not come with a fuel filter 

User Reviews 

Customers could not have been happier with their purchase of Champion’s dual fuel generator since it has been promising a reliable and hassle-free power supply for 6-7 hours straight. 

The noise-free machinery and guaranteed warranty are cherries on top, as stated by the happy users. However, people do mention the lack of fuel filter for the Generator, which if present, will make the generator hands down the best product you can get!

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WEN 56203i 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Following are some of the prominent features of WEN’s portable inverter generator.

It only makes a noise comparable to that of normal human conversation, which makes it a fuss-free option for you, unlike the traditional counterparts. Being lightweight and compact in design makes it portable and easy to carry around.

It features fuel shutoff technology – which means that it uses the remaining fuel before shutting down, thus ensuring the device’s safety as well. It gives off a 2000 starting and 1700 running wattage.

You can use your laptops or any other delicate devices like that without worrying about power-ups and downs. Another great thing about this generator is that it requires limited maintenance.

It also comes with an eco-mode feature that ensures excess gasoline is not being consumed, making the device easy on your pockets too!


  • Clean and reliable power supply for delicate electronics.
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • Presents with the eco-mode feature.
  • Limited maintenance by fuel shutoff technology.
  • Nuance-free working.


  • Fuelling can be a bit of a challenge.

User Reviews

The excellent performance of the device has been applauded by almost all the customers. The economy mode is loved by them since it allows careful fuel consumption whenever there is loading and unloading of devices. 

Users have been complaining about the height of the portable device as well as the difficulty in fuelling but all in all; the Generator has come up with amazing reviews.

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While technology has made life super convenient, it also presents certain drawbacks. Drawbacks like we have become way more than dependent on them to carry out our daily activities, and we can’t afford to live without them for even the time being. 

I have been experimenting with portable inverter generators for quite a long time as an emergency power source since I don’t like disruptions in my routine that occur due to power outages. I tried a lot of different generators to see which one works the best and decided to share my experience with your guys. 

Because, with numerous versatile options available in the market, it can get quite hard for you to select the most suitable device and ensure that it can operate the essential appliances with little or no flaws. Ask me; I have been through this.

I hope the information provided above helps you with identifying both the pros and cons of 2000 Watt portable inverter generators, as well as understanding the technical terms and approximate power calculation. Do the maths and get your hands on these life-saving devices, fellas!