What Is The Best Diesel Generator For Back Up?

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If you’re in a hurry and want to know what is the best diesel generator for backup and emergency power supply, I recommend the Cummins generators are the best choices.

Today diesel generators are part of everyday life and provide primary and backup power to America’s industries and homes. If a diesel generator is part of your everyday life, you will be used to the sound of it supplying your electricity. 

You will also understand a diesel engine’s idiosyncrasies and its capacity to run forever. The agricultural industry, especially farmers in inaccessible regions, has put its trust in diesel generators for many years. 

At sea, purpose-built diesel engines have been used by sailors at sea almost as long as they have been used o land. If you need a reliable power source, there is a generator to fit the need. 

The choice is endless, from the small and easily transportable diesel generators to diesel generators that need heavy equipment to move them.

What Are Diesel Generators Good For?

Why Do You Need It?

So why would I need a diesel generator you ask yourself? Well, maybe you want to cut electricity costs and need a generator to supplement solar energy? 

Maybe you live in an inaccessible region where a diesel engine would be your primary power source? Maybe you are sick of the unreliability of your local electricity provider? 

Whatever the reason, no matter the situation, there is a diesel generator to meet your needs.

Simple Design

The great thing about diesel generators is their simple design concept. They regularly survive gas engines on a ratio of ten-to-one. This can be the sole testimony a lot of people require to buy a diesel generator. 

Let us take a look at the common movable gas-powered generator. It can only operate for about 1000 hours before it requires replacement, or an entire inspection and major repairs. 

Numerous cheaper generators sold by cut-rate stores and hardware retailers could not achieve 200 hours of reliable running time. 

In comparison, the same-sized movable diesel generators have a normal life of close to 20,000 hours before anything other than everyday upkeep is needed. 

Bigger diesel generators will operate more than 50,000 hours before they require maintenance. Anyone not utilizing their portable diesel generator very much may never need to service it.

Easy To Maintain

Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping diesel generators in good running order. Regular oil changes every 100 hours are recommended or follow the original manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Changing oil is simple. Just remove the oil drain plug and the oil will drain out. Then, all you need to do is, refill with clean oil. 

That is the sum total of your preventive upkeep to keep a diesel generator in good running order. No hidden extras. No endless trips to the retailer for warranty work or repairs. 

A diesel generator does not have spark plugs, a distributor, magneto, or a carburetor. So there are no parts that can burn out,

They’ll Last Longer

Diesel generators are much more expensive than their competitors, but a diesel generator will outlast most of them.  Many believe diesel fuel is harder on its surroundings as it creates more fumes. 

This is incorrect. If you apply good practice with regular upkeep on a diesel generator, you should only see smoke briefly under a strong load shift. Gasoline is more poisonous than the fumes from a diesel generator. 

Kubota, Detroit, Cummins, and even Honda, create diesel generators using state-of-the-art diesel technology.  

More and more manufacturers are mindful of the effects on the planet, so many of their new models run “clean”, to protect our health and our surroundings.

What Is The Best Diesel Generator? Cummins!

Cummins is positioned as the world’s top manufacturer of diesel generators for primary or secondary power, as well as a reliable backup in emergency situations. 

A Cummins diesel generator is a no-nonsense piece of machinery that can be relied on in all situations.

High use energy production in a unit, with heavy-duty reliability and performance, is how the Cummins diesel generator has earned its reputation as the world leader in energy production. 

A Cummins diesel engine is designed to supply high-level power production and maximum mechanized operation to industrial and commercial ventures. 

Cummins Diesel Generator Leads The Emergency Generation Field!

Whether you need a short or long-term result, Cummins has a huge range of generators so it is sure to make one fit your needs. 

The Cummins diesel generator history started around 1929 when David Onan manufactured the first single generator. In almost 80 nears Cummins has gone from strength to strength. 

Today their global network spans 26 production plants, with distributors in 160 nations, 500 dealers, and 4,500 spare parts sales outlets. 

They are the world’s sole supplier of pre-integrated commercialized power systems with all parts configured to run collectively. A Cummins diesel generator excels as a standby or emergency system for large electricity suppliers and advanced renewable energy producers. 

Cummins is respected for its long reliable, history in backing up major facilities such as the atomic power, mining, and building industries as well as supporting vital public services. 

Cummins Diesel Generators

Not only is a Cummins diesel generator a reliable addition, but it is economical too. Cummins diesel generator sets range from 7.5 kW to 25 kW with liquid or air-cooled engines. 

These models are the smallest in the Cummins diesel generator range and are found in rest homes and as temporary power sources on building sites. 

They are also used to backup power in small businesses to ensure trade continues even when the electricity goes down. 

Cummins is also renowned for its industrial size diesel generators that range from 35 kW to 500 kW, and 600 kW to 2.7 MW. 

These models come with the Cummins PowerCommand intelligent technology that can detect system failures even when it is turned off. 

These generators are found in large facilities as a primary or emergency backup to keep the business running onsite.

Here are the Cummins Diesel Generators that are available to buy on Amazon (prices updated daily):

Is Cummins The Best Diesel Generator For You?

A Cummins diesel generator is ideal on the farm to provide power for the whole property, especially if you live too far from the main grid. 

Don’t buy a Cummins diesel generator if you just need it occasionally. It is not economical to run it for short periods of time. 

In fact, it will start breaking down and cause many inconveniences so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for its proper use.


The old proverb ‘there is no substitute for quality’ is true of diesel generators. While there are some jobs a diesel generator may not be capable of, it will outperform most other generator types

It will provide excellent ongoing industrial performance and dependability with minimal care. With a reputation for excellence, diesel generators are difficult to beat. 

The harder you work a diesel engine, the more efficiently it will function. A diesel power generator is far more advanced than a gas engine. 

If you look after a diesel engine, it will take care of you.  Maintain a diesel generator correctly and you will be rewarded with countless hours of optimum performance.